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What's The ROI of Your Dream Cafe?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

One of the more daunting tasks every aspiring cafepreneur will have to accomplish is putting together a projected financial statement for his or her cafe. Is it really necessary? We think so.

Of course you could just go head on with the venture and keep your fingers crossed, but having a handy financial projection will help you take managed risks and navigate intelligently through your cafepreneurial journey. This is why all of our consultations with aspiring cafepreneurs involve financial projections.

Not every cafepreneur (or entrepreneur, for that matter) is gifted in numbers, however, and we fully understand this. Hence, we decided to create a simple cafe investment calculator—or Cafe Calculator, as we fondly call it—that all of you can play around with.

Download the Cafe Calculator in MS Excel format here:

You’ll find two worksheets:

1. Your Dream Cafe - simply fill in the yellow cells and it will auto generate the ROI and Payback Period for you. Be careful not to change any of the formulas on this worksheet.

2. Examples - this is just a reference worksheet illustrating typical financial projections for Small, Medium, and Large cafes. Be careful not to make any changes to this worksheet.

And that’s it! We’ll be looking forward to news of your results, as well as some feedback. We would like to keep updating our Cafe Calculator for the benefit of aspiring cafepreneurs all over the world. And if you’d like to continue the conversation about financial projections or about starting your own cafe, feel free to get in touch with us HERE.

The Cafe Calculator is a product of our experience in consulting with cafepreneurs and in setting up our own cafes. It’s our gift to the coffee world. Enjoy and share!

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