Forget the other New Year Promotional Gimmicks. Here's one that counts.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

There’s a reason people move to make resolutions year after year…after year.

The turn of the year brings with it a tide of new hope and a host of new aspirations. As a cafe entrepreneur, you would find yourself searching for new ideas to boost your first quarter sales and get a headstart on the competition.

You will be tempted to jump on the bandwagon and rightfully so.

And there is a bandwagon really worth jumping on - it’s riding on the resolution hype.

What Motivates People to Make New Years’ Resolutions?

What is it with humans in general that build a list of to-do’s and to-be’s?

In its entirety and most simplistic sense, a resolution is a promise that one makes to themselves. It is like an ode that one does - either to please someone else or to make one’s life better.

Why set new targets every new year? People believe in the power of the “fresh start effect.” It signals new beginnings - of righting the wrongs and turning a new page over and this is why many are setting targets to push themselves.

12% of the people who make resolutions felt a sense of achievement from completing their goals. Another study showed that 46% of the people who made their New Year resolutions were successful in keeping them.

And what do you do with the 46%? You turn them into sales.

Here’s how.

Get ahead with the data for New Year Marketing

As a cafe entrepreneur, listen closely to what people are saying about your brand and the current season. To viably generate traffic, observe the trends, patterns and what your customers - especially the bona fide coffee lovers - are talking about. It is important you make an active effort to see what people are searching for and optimize your content around it.

People will generally start thinking about their lives and their plans as soon as the year draws closer to an end. And what do most people do on a year-end? They begin to make resolutions.