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Common Grounds: A Day in the Life of a Modern Coffee Lover

A woman sipping coffee from a coffee cup

Something to look forward to

She switches off the alarm which she had left on snooze for 3 times now. For a good minute, she stays in bed contemplating if she should just stay in today, though right when she was about to close her eyes again, she remembers that she had experimented with making a cold brew last night which was steeped and waiting for her in the fridge. The excitement from wanting to know how it turned out, was enough to get her up from her bed in an instant. I should probably do this more often to save myself some free days off work, she thought.

She got to her kitchen and put some bread in the toaster. After which, she pulled out of the fridge the main reason she got out of bed today—her cold brew. She strains it and pours some on a glass with ice but before she could take a first sip of the concoction that she made, the toaster signaled that the bread was ready to join them too.

Most days, she could barely finish a piece of bread in the morning, but she was surprisingly so satisfied with herself and the cold brew she made that her appetite seemed to flow quite smoothly this time as she alternated chomping down on the toasts and sipping coffee with a newfound enthusiasm for the day.

All the difference

Half of the day has passed by with her brainstorming and drafting her assigned article, she was in the middle of editing the first paragraphs of it when her office friend, Lisa comes by her desk and asks if she would want to grab a cup with her at the café near their office. This appealed to her as the perfect offer for a breather since she was starting to get into deep with her work to the point of frustration.

As they made their way to the breakroom, they small talk about the recent hectic week in the office and how they were both swamped with office work. This was the main reason why it was actually the first time in a while they had the chance to get together despite being in the same office.

Lisa didn’t bother asking what coffee she would like as she went straight to the coffee bar and automatically ordered 2 caramel macchiatos. Such a fact—that both their ‘go to’ drink has always been a caramel macchiato—was undeniably the starting point of her and Lisa’s friendship.

She can’t help but recall that one faithful day when Lisa, who was just another unfamiliar coworker back then, chirped from behind her for the barista to double her initial order of a caramel macchiato and had even payed for both of it. She smiles as she remembers how far they’ve come from back then, she is even one of Lisa’s bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. All thanks to that salty, frothy drink, she thought with a chuckle.

Lisa energetically approaches the table and they eventually catch up with each other’s lives. Lisa confides in her about the simultaneous excitement and fear that she is feeling about her nearing wedding day. Ironically, her situation is quite the opposite as she shares about how she is finally living on her own and being independent. Nevertheless, sharing a common ground of coffee made all the difference.

One sip at a time

Once she had sent the first complete draft of the article to her editor, she quickly shuts down her computer and bolts out the door. She had gotten carried away in her work and had completely forgotten that she was supposed to meet her parents for dinner half an hour ago. She tries to call them but as expected, they didn’t pick up. They probably still can’t figure out how to answer a call on a smartphone, she thought as she rolls her eyes.

Luckily, she caught up with her parents at the restaurant that they had agreed upon, but they were already done eating and were about to leave. And so, she decides to just wait for them outside. Her parents looked a bit disappointed; though once they caught sight of her, they were instantly beaming. She apologizes for being late and explains why she was late. It wasn’t the first time something like this happened, nevertheless they understood the nature of their hardworking and determined daughter.

Since it wasn’t that late, the family decided to go to a nearby café instead. They go to one of her favorite cafes in town. Upon arriving, she was greeted by the familiar faces she has gotten to know within the countless hours she has spent there either working on something, meeting people or just plainly having a hiatus. Oh, the girl I asked to look after my laptop when I was in the restroom the other day stays here until the evening? She thought as she caught sight of her and smiled.

At the counter, the barista playfully asks who she was with this time. She answers with a glare that it was just her parents and they both laugh. This time, she orders a decaf flat white coffee since this will probably be her night cap as she has this inkling that she’s had enough caffeine for the day.

She wasn’t expecting to be bombarded with all sorts of questions by her parents about how she’s been living without them. It’s almost as if they were interrogating her for a crime investigation. One sip at a time, she opens up to them about it and reassures them that though she misses the support system of their house, she’s been building her own and getting by with a little help here and there.

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