6 Ways to Bond with Someone Over Coffee

A man and a woman having black coffee in a cafe

“Let’s have coffee sometime.”

More or less, this set of words form a statement we casually encounter and even throw around ourselves here and there. It’s one of those expressions that are so normalized to the point where we often forget to take a second look into why exactly people bother to say these words to someone in a handful of situations like say, after having made a new acquaintance or after bumping into someone you haven’t seen in a while.

What can we possibly be implying when we suggest having coffee with someone and vice versa? The answer to this is evidently arbitrary. It can be a lot of things, but we can all probably agree that we suggest having coffee with someone in the hopes of establishing a certain bond with someone in one way or another.

Coffee habits spread like wildfire for one of the main reasons being that having company is just so much better over a cup of coffee. It is that dependable buffer you can turn to whenever you’re interacting with someone. With that point being said, we’ve gathered up the top 6 ways you can bond with anyone over coffee.

Meeting new people

In case you didn’t know, coffeehouses back in the 1800’s were said to have spawned the French revolution;[1] this is on the grounds that coffeehouses served as the breeding ground of heated political discussions that were open to any person of any economic class. Such a phenomenon of the coffeehouse can also be observed in India wherein it was said to be the single most important and Influential mental powerhouse that molded the lives and minds of a whole generation.[2]

The coffeehouse is now typically called the Café and has become a third space. It is a break away from the home and the workplace and that has been observed to be where people can be alone together. Nonetheless, it is also somewhere you shouldn’t be closing any doors.

A whole movement has actually been organized with the ideology of meeting new people and informally networking over coffee; Likemind which is held every third Friday of the month at over 60 countries around the world, are get togethers of creatives and young professionals (that may not necessarily know each other personally) at a local café.[3]

And so, what we’re trying to say is that you can basically initiate your own version of this any time you’re in a café. Just like the what they did in the old days, the familiar and yet open-ended atmosphere of a cafe, can be a convenient setting to step out of your comfort zone and try to strike up a discussion with a new person (if you’re not bothering him/her of course).

It’s safe to say that in a café, the saying ‘don’t talk to strangers’ isn’t something to keep in mind that much.

A better second impression

It is a reflex for most people to ask someone on a coffee date and they’re not to blame. Coffee is a casual and somewhat effortless (except maybe spending a bit of money) way to get to know someone you’ve recently just been acquainted with, as the interaction usually flows smoothly from thereon.

Figuratively speaking, the small talk doesn’t have to stay, well, small; it can develop and expand in every sip. Having coffee allows you to get to know each other in a comfortable manner. As we all know that caffeine can make you seem more energetic and give you a certain buzz, we can infer that this may well be used to make a conversation more fun and animated.

You don’t really need that much of a strategy, staying open and simply being a livelier version of yourself – with the help of coffee–can ultimately leave a better second impression and even leave them wanting to spend more time with you.

Brainstorming and Planning

You’ve probably noticed that most meetings aren’t complete without those white paper cups filled with coffee. These aren’t there for the sheer reason of waking people up, but also, to keep their mind sharp and in the appropriate headspace to map out their visions and plans for the company.

This state of mind and a collective one at that, is especially needed when it comes to making crucial decisions about the future strategies of a company. Rest assured that providing a delightful beverage for those dreary mornings can also help keep the cranky arguments in check.