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Why Should You Care About Your Office Coffee?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

A coffee mug on an office table, with an office worker in the background

Coffee is that two-syllable, ubiquitous liquid that can rouse not-too-few, multi-layered emotions ranging from mere stimulation or instant invigoration to inexplicable euphoria and infinite delight. Ask eight out of 10 Filipino adults and they could totally relate to it.

It comes as no surprise that office coffee is considered not just an occasional treat but a must-have morning routine for many employees. A good cup of Joe is what every Philippine company must ensure all its employees should get!

Whether you’re a start-up, an emerging firm, or a multinational corporation – here are five good reasons why you should care about your office coffee:

1. Workers love coffee

Everyone loves coffee, especially free office coffee. I mean, who doesn’t? It is the default breakfast drink for almost every employee – regardless of age, sex, or race. Maybe every now and then, there’s that lone anti-coffee evangelist or fear monger (who’s actually a penny pincher) in the midst of your caffeine-addicted organization, trying to stand his/her ground against this delightful elixir. If that’s the case, there’s more coffee to share around!

2. Coffee boosts employee morale

Free office coffee might not rank as the top non-statutory employee benefits to give – but having unlimited access to a dependable espresso machine in the workplace can do wonders to uplift the mood of those who have to constantly battle the morning rush hour.

Better yet, it can serve as a simple congratulatory incentive to anyone who has fought (and conquered!) the urge to keep hitting 'snooze' in the wee hours just to arrive on time in the office.

Of course, the promise of providing endless supply of quality coffee alone won’t reduce employee turnover or even guarantee the loyalty of high-performing workers. Nevertheless, it certainly is one tangible way to make them feel valued and appreciated. Soon enough, you’ll find out that it doesn’t go unnoticed among the ranks of your staff!

3. Coffee improves employee productivity

Science doesn’t lie. Coffee drinkers are more likely to experience mental alertness, focused concentration, and improved work performance. And out of respect for coffee naysayers who have an issue against lost time around the coffee vending machine, one doesn’t necessarily need an empirically-based study to justify the positive effect of this pick-me-up potion to an employee’s work productivity.

Indulging in a steaming cup of coffee can do so much to clear the cobwebs from lack of sleep the night before, to satisfy an already-ingrained coffee-drinking habit, or to provide a meaningful reason to step away from a desk full of work.

Taking a coffee break, simply put, is essential for increasing the speed of physical movement, for restoring alertness, and for motivating employees to work harder.

4. Coffee keeps employees on site

One way or another, your office workers would do anything to fulfill their everyday caffeine fix. This usually means stopping at a coffee shop on the way to the office (which could risk being late for work) or even sneaking out to buy an instant coffee sachet (which could be spent for a quick nap or even finishing a task earlier than expected).

And can you imagine all the significant losses it will contribute for the company?

Providing your break room with an endless supply of freshly roasted and ground coffee bean is a clever way to avoid these unnecessary occurrences – while keeping employees happy at the same time.

5. Coffee breaks alleviate workplace stress

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined workplace stress as the unhealthy or damaging responses – whether physical, mental, or emotional – an employee makes when faced with job pressures or demands that are beyond his or her ability to control or manage. This is a modern hazard in a traditional office environment that employers and companies must be aware of because it can have considerable impact on corporate performance.

A study on possible prevention for workplace stress suggests that in order to correct this imbalance, offices must learn to be flexible with the work expectations or strengthen the employee’s ability to successfully handle the situation.

This is where coffee breaks come into the picture. According to Dr. Pernille Stroebaek of the University of Copenhagen, integrating coffee breaks within the office culture provides employees a crucial coping mechanism for work-related stress. Having a cup of coffee together, she said, allows for the formation of ‘coping communities’ which may include venting out frustrations, sharing of perspectives, or offering of support to one another – a must-needed breather during a busy and strenuous workday.

The Brewed Bottom Line

A pot of roasted coffee might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you certainly cannot deny the brewing power of this stimulating substance to transform your office into an invigorating workplace that everyone looks forward to go to everyday.

Think your office might need a coffee upgrade? Send us a message HERE and let's see what we can do.

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