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The Essential Equipment to Get for Your Coffee Business

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The essential equipment for any cafe includes an espresso machine and a grinder

The most important part of building a thriving coffee business in the Philippines is consistently serving great coffee. As both a business owner and a coffee professional, you know that in order to build a following of loyal patrons, you must make and serve great coffee.

Lucky for you, coffee making isn’t rocket science, it’s an art. However, the baseline asks for a

coffee shop are the same. You need to source high-quality beans, hire or train skilled baristas, and invest in quality coffee equipment.

In this article, we share some of the best espresso machines, coffee grinders, and other coffee equipment for your business.

Some of the Best Equipment Options For Your Coffee Shop Business

Below is a list of our most recommended coffee equipment combinations for businesses. They are sorted by cost, from the most affordable to the most expensive. It’s also worth noting that it’s difficult to get coffee equipment to the Philippines on your own. If you’re looking to buy any of the following, you can purchase it through our store. We only distribute the most relatable and sustainable models available.

For Small Cafes:

ECM Mechanika (1 group) + Anfim KS-T

under 200KPHP

The ECM Mechanika is the little engine that can deliver quality espresso and stand the test of time. This machine has a heat exchanger system and a quiet rotary pump that can be switched from a 3L tank to a fixed water connection which makes it convenient to use at home, or for a small business. One of the components that ECM fans always talk about is the E61 group head that arguably produces some of the finest espressos that a heat exchanger system can produce.

Definitely one of the top cost:quality ratios money can buy in the market today.

For Medium-Sized Cafes:

Faema E98 (2 group) + Anfim Caimano

Under 300KPHP

The Faema E98 + Anfim Caimano combination is one of the simplest and most cost-efficient

ways to set up a proper espresso bar. This combination of equipment is used by a wide range of businesses from restaurants and bakeshops to cafes and specialty cafes and is found to be the most versatile and adaptable set in the market. This 2 group machine can maintain its thermal stability even with a daunting volume and a design that is both practical and easy to maintain.

For Small Specialty Cafes:

ECM Synchronika (1 group) + Anfim Super Caimano

Under 300KPHP

The ECM Synchronika is a double boiler that comes with a PID display that allows the barista to adjust the group head temperatures, display the brewing time, in addition to a few other optional displays. Similar to its little brother, the ECM Mechanika, it also has an industrial low noise rotary pump, a switchable water tank to water line feature, and sports the same E61 group head, that allows a variable pre-infusion which makes the extraction more forgiving and improves the overall character of the espresso.

For Medium to Big Specialty Cafes:

Kees Van Der Westen Spirit (2 group) + Anfim SPII

Above 1M PHP

The Kees Van der Westen Spirit is a top of the line espresso machine designed for a high output espresso bar, where quality and consistency are non-negotiable. It has a state of the art multiple boiler machine that has its own electronic temperature control system, heating element and safety devices, being one of the world’s best in terms of build quality, features and thermal stability.

If your business is in search of an icon of passion for coffee, this piece of equipment is for you.

Over to you: Make better coffee

Regardless of the size of your coffee business, you’ll find coffee equipment that will suit your needs in the above list. Investing in the right coffee equipment is a huge leap in the right direction as a coffee shop owner.

We hope that by reading through the list, you were able to learn more about how to make good coffee and build a better coffee business. If you need more help in selecting the most appropriate equipment for your cafe, send us a message HERE.

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