Sourdough Café: A Classic Take on European Gastronomy in The Modern City

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Very rarely do we encounter a café that literally and figuratively begs to differ. From surprisingly also being a wine lounge to having a wide range of unadulterated European dishes, Sourdough Café overflows their cup and hopes to do the same for each of their customers.

2 concepts under one roof

The café/lounge is a joint business venture between Michael Lee and Chef Ryan Vergara; both take pride in having utilized their space to showcase 2 separate concepts under one roof.

Upon entering the café downstairs, you will be greeted by their spotless and straightforward interior. Admittedly inspired by a French riviera design, their wide glass windows along with their white brick walls allow for the sunlight and passersby to peek through their spacious but cozy, café-deli setting. Whereas, customers can enjoy a hearty meal or a cup of coffee on their elegant white marble tables whilst taking in the view.

Sourdough Cafe
Sourdough Cafe

While your eyes might need to adjust from the well-lit café to a much dimmer setting, a pleasant surprise awaits you as you ascend to their wine lounge on the second floor. In contrast to their Café, their so-called Glass lounge is furnished with black marble table tops, quilted accent chairs and curtains along with greyscale walls. All of this work together to create a modern and laidback living room setting where you can just sip your wine and talk about your day with good company—that is, if your living room includes a massive wine collection that is either lined up on the walls or displayed in a nearby walk-in wine vault.

Going back to the roots of European cuisine

Sourdough cafe goes against the current trend of fusion food (food that are a mix of several cultures); but aims to resonate as an establishment that serves simple, well-prepared and well-thought out European dishes that stays true to its roots.

“Medyo sawa na kami sa fusion mostly kasi there’s a fine line between fusion and parang you’re gonna lose the identity […] we would like to focus on the original ideas or recipes of all our items”, Chef Ryan Vergara shares.

The simplicity of their namesake is symbolic of their aim: Sourdough bread is basically dough made up of salt, water and bread flour. The quality of this bread , however, all boils down to the lengthy and tedious process of its fermentation that has been passed down from thousands of years ago. It really takes a skilled and patient baker to produce this kind of bread which nonetheless proves to be a worthy cause right from its rich aroma and hard crust to its moist crumb that has a certain depth of flavor and tartness. This naturally leavened bread is also undeniably much healthier than regular, mass-produced white bread.

Sourdough Bread