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Unstoppable 200g - Wholesale

Unstoppable 200g - Wholesale


Type: Single Origin Specialty Arabica

Origin: Kenya AB Karibu

Taste Notes: Lemon Tart, Candied Orange, Cacao

Roast: Full City

Process: Washed

  • Story

    Kenya is home to the fastest animal in the world, and coincidentally, the fastest people too. Kenya's Kalenjin, aka "the running tribe", has spawned the greatest runners the world has ever known, casually smashing records where there are records to be smashed. Having established its running dominance some 50 odd years ago, Kenya just kept going while the world made futile attempts to catch up.


    What keeps us regular folks going, on the other hand, is our daily serving of really, really good coffee. And if you're looking for one that would keep you reaching for another cup, you can't go wrong with this--Unstoppable from Black Bridge Coffee is Kenya AB Karibu, a single origin specialty Arabica that offers taste notes of Lemon Tart, Candied Orange, and Cacao.


    Unstoppable is for those who defy limitations and define possibilities. It's for those who choose to start and simply refuse to stop. And with a flavor profile like that, why stop with just one cup? Go on, have another.

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