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Sugar Pill 200g - Wholesale

Sugar Pill 200g - Wholesale


Tasting Notes: Caramel, Walnuts, Bitter Sweet Chocolate

Type: Specialty Single Origin Decaf Arabica Coffee (Swiss Water Process)

Origin: Brazil

Roast: Full City

  • Story

    Black Bridge Coffee’s Sugar Pill: for those of us who see coffee as the end, not simply the means.


    Let’s get one thing straight—Sugar Pill is decaf.  And while we know decaf has been getting lots of flak in the coffee-drinking world because of its lack of—erm—caffeine, we realized it was never intended for those who drink coffee for the proverbial “kick” anyway.  Decaf is for those who drink coffee for the sake of drinking coffee, and all the amazing things that go with it—the taste, the aroma, the experience—and in these areas, Sugar Pill will not disappoint.


    We created Sugar Pill for those who just can’t get enough coffee in their day.  It’s for the hard core individuals who drink cup after cup after cup, 24/7.  It’s for coffee people who’d like to have their cake (lots of coffee) and eat it, too (still get some sleep).  And with the taste notes of caramel, walnuts, and bitter sweet chocolate you’ll get from our single origin specialty coffee beans from Brazil, all you decaf drinkers are in for a special treat.


    With that, we say NO to decaf-shaming and YES to having coffee after dinner, before bed, and whenever the heck we want.  Because we’d be enjoying Sugar Pill so much we probably wouldn’t even notice it’s decaf.  Or at the very least, we wouldn’t mind at all.

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