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Saigon Shift 1kg - Wholesale

Saigon Shift 1kg - Wholesale


Origin: Vietnam Son La

Variety: Catimor

Taste Notes: Ripe Mango, Black Tea, Caramel

Type: Arabica

Elevation: 900-1,200 MASL

Roast: Full City +

Process: Wet

Best for: Espresso

  • Story

    Think about Vietnamese coffee. You wouldn’t be wrong to visualize dark roast Robusta beans, strong and bitter, and often sweetened with condensed milk. Now, what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way?

    Meet Saigon Shift: Arabica beans from Vietnam Son La, roasted to full city plus, bringing out wonderful taste notes of Ripe Mango, Black Tea, and Caramel.

    This isn’t the Vietnamese coffee your grandma told you about. It’s our attempt to change your mind about Vietnamese coffee, and to all the possibilities from this region.

    Saigon Shift: it’s a mindset shift on the first sip.

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