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Melo Seduction 1kg - Wholesale

Melo Seduction 1kg - Wholesale


Tasting Notes: Candied Lemons, Dark Chocolate, Almond

Type: Specialty Arabica Coffee Blend

Origin: Brazil, Guatemala, Panama

Roast: City Plus

  • Story

    In 1727, a Portuguese Lieutenant Colonel named Francisco Melo Palheta was commissioned by the Brazilian government to steal a coffee plant from the French, who refused to share the plant with other nations.


    During his visit, Palheta allegedly seduced the wife of the French Governor, Marie-Claude de Vicq de Pontgibaud. At the state dinner on the eve of Palheta's departure, she presented a bouquet of flowers that contained cuttings of the coffee plant. Palheta began planting the tree back in Brazil, which led to the rise and global domination of Brazil’s coffee industry.


    Melo Seduction pays homage to Palheta. Celebrating the flavours from the fruit of his greatest conquest, which is the dominant origin and flavor used for this blend.

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