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Dark Horse 200g - Wholesale

Dark Horse 200g - Wholesale


Type: Single Origin Specialty Arabica

Origin: Uganda Bugisu

Taste Notes: Plum, Raisins, Hazelnut

Roast: Full City

Process: Washed

  • Story

    Overshadowed. Underrated. Counted out. Willfully ignored. That's been the story of Ugandan specialty coffee. Why? Because Uganda is home to Robusta coffee, and we all know how coffee snobs feel about anything that's not Arabica.


    But everyone loves a good underdog story, and here's one for the ages. The Pearl of Africa upped its production of high-end Arabica beans, and the entire coffee-drinking world took notice. Coffee experts now recognize Ugandan coffee among the top specialty coffee beans from Africa, shoulder to shoulder with its more popular cousins from neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya. Turns out, the underdog was a dark horse all along.


    Dark Horse from Black Bridge Coffee is a single origin specialty Arabica from Uganda Bugisu. With taste notes of Plum, Raisins, and Hazelnut, this one is as satisfying as the story it represents. There's no denying it--Ugandan specialty coffee took every coffee person by surprise, and what a delightful surprise it was indeed.

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