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Home Brewing Hacks: The Moka Pot

Most people during this time have become accustomed to hanging around their homes dressed in nothing more than pajamas all day. However, you are not most people. You do understand this, right? Well, then. Time to get dressed, and sharply, because today we will learn all about class.

What better way to be classy than by learning one of the classiest methods of coffee brewing? Let’s bring out the Moka Pot and the classy bow tie, pronto.


20 - 22g ground coffee

*grind size will be fine, similar to espresso

**the amount of coffee to be used depends on the size of the filter basket

25 - 30ml water

Brew time varies


  1. Heat water to boiling. Fill the bottom half of Moka Pot with water.

  2. Measure 20 to 22g ground coffee and place into filter basket. Shake to settle the grounds evenly.

  3. Place filter basket into bottom compartment.

  4. Screw on spouted top (Watch out! Bottom chamber will be hot.)

  5. Place pot on stove. Set to heat level to medium.

  6. Wait until you hear a hissing, bubbling sound.

  7. Pour into a cup and congratulate yourself for achieving this level of classiness.


  • The pressure from boiling water will push a stream of coffee slowly through the upper chamber. If water is too hot, it will explode upward. The opposite is true when it burbles lethargically (if this happens, increase heat level). Achieving the right temperature is key.

  • Some experimentation on ratio may be necessary when using the Moka Pot because the margin for error is much smaller due to the finely ground coffee.

Upon taming the classy beast that is the Moka Pot, you will have joined the ranks of classy folks in Europe, Latin America, and Australia, where the “stove-top espresso maker” is most frequently used at home. We’re damn proud of you, son.

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