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Home Brewing Hacks: The French Press

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

A person pouring hot water into a French press.

Ok, so you're stuck at home and your go-to cafe is closed for who knows how long. They don't even serve take away or deliveries. We get it. What are your options, then? You either stop drinking coffee altogether or settle for (dear lord) instant coffee, right?   Wrong.

It's time for your spoiled coffee-drinking bottom to learn the ropes of manual coffee brewing. Let's get to it, starting with the simplest and quickest method (in our humble opinion)--the French press.  Here's a step-by-step guide in starting with and mastering the French press.

  1. Acquire a French press.  Buy or borrow, but don't steal one.  Stealing is frowned upon.

  2. Heat water to boiling, then leave for 1 minute before using.   Feel free to daydream, but keep it to 1 minute, ok?

  3. Measure 15 g of coarsely ground coffee and place into your French press.  At this point, the assumption is that you either have pre-ground coffee or you've ground your own.  We won't judge.

  4. Add 225 ml hot water and agitate the brew. Gentle stirring counts as “agitation”, but it doesn’t sound quite as refined.

  5. Steep for 3 and a half minutes (this is a good time to sing if you’re alone), then plunge the press.  Slowly.  With grace.  There we go.

  6. Wait 30 seconds, then transfer coffee into an 8oz cup.   Get a whiff of that brew.

  7. Enjoy this moment in time like a French person would.

Voila! That was easy, right? Now do it again tomorrow. And again the next day.  You're welcome.

Oh, we almost forgot. If you need brewing equipment and coffee for your home, whether whole bean or ground, we got you. Send a message to Bean & Barley on Facebook or Instagram and let’s get it done.

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