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Home Brewing Hacks: The Aeropress

Person pouring hot water from a goose neck kettle to an Aeropress.

Hey, home barista. We’ve come along way from instant coffee, haven’t we? You must be feeling really proud of yourself, and rightly so. Not everyone has the patience or skill to make it this far.

Guess what? It’s time to take your skills even higher in the hipster scale. Today, we will learn how to brew coffee using the Aeropress. You heard it right. Put on your artisan apron and that fake but sexy mustache and let’s get cracking.


15g ground coffee

*grind size is between espresso grind and pour over / drip grind

220ml water

Brew Time 1:30 - 1:45 minutes


1. Heat water to boiling. Leave for 1 minute before using. Use this time to prepare your equipment, or silently reflect on the past how many days of isolation.

2. Use some of the hot water to wet the Aeropress paper filter. You’ll remember this crucial step from your Pour Over lesson.

3. Measure 15g of ground coffee and place into your inverted Aeropress.

4. Pour 30 ml hot water into the Aeropress and stir. Wait 30 seconds. As with the Pour Over, this is the bloom or pre-infusion stage.

5. Pour the remaining 190 ml hot water, and agitate (stir!).

6. Place the lid with the filter and wait for 1 minute. As you know, amazing coffee takes time and requires patience.

7. Flip the Aeropress and press into a decanter. Use those beautiful muscles to create force with sexiness, leading to an equally sexy amount of delicious coffee.

8. Pour yourself a cup of freshly Aeropressed coffee, and savor the moment as you think of how life really can’t get any better that this.

And there you have it! We sure hope you were recording the whole thing on video, because damn did you look mighty fine working the coffee out of that Aeropress. Do it again tomorrow!

Got more home-brewing questions? Send Bean & Barley a message HERE. Need coffee and home brewing equipment to play around with? Talk to us on Facebook or Instagram. We got you.

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